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The game "Dead Dust" take place in the Wild West saturated with cowboy romance, gunpower smell, endless prairies and crazy gunfights of course. The main character, a tireless bounty hunter with name Shlango receives a letter from an influential person, who have his own many Saloons over all Wild West. In the letter this man wrote that his daughter was kidnapped, and he need help to save her. But this work will be very difficult, because our path will lie through the land of the Indians. It is great that Shlango have fearless friends who are ready to ride the horses in every second and go on an incredible journey. Choose a hero and run through crowds of enemies. You need to stay alive on each of the difficult levels, where you will meet many angry Indians, bandits and even aliens with plasma weapons. Collect loot on your way, discover the secrets and talk with barmens who selling different equipment that help you win your enemies.


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